Embellishing with Appliques and Onlays

Embellishing with Appliques and Onlays

If you love beautiful things like I do, then you want to see it all around you.  The furniture that I love the most, and makes me say “Ooh la la!” is loaded with rich embellishments and elements of a French Country influence. Work that shines with opulence, and home decor that oozes with layers of history in it’s paint and gilding…those are the things of beauty.  In my search for more creative ways to enhance my work, I have discovered Iron Orchid Designs and their wonderful Vintage Art Moulds, and I just have to share them with you! I have been looking for a way to accentuate my furniture and home decor work, and discovered that appliques and onlays are an easy way to add value and beauty all around you. The video above is kind of what drew me in to the process….it looks (and is) so utterly simple and quick! I didn’t want to purchase the wood embellishmewnts you can buy at Home Depot or even the hobby stores.  They somehow looked very “craftsy” to me, and lacked the sense of fine design I was going for. When I saw how much you can manipulate these designs using paper clay, and how many times you can simply churn them out over and over…I immediately found them on Amazon and ordered everyone they made. Here are some examples of how lovely appliqués can be used.  (Note: not all of the images below use IOD moulds, but most of them do.)  Click on any image to see the gallery.

Here are the moulds that I purchased from Amazon. You can purchase them as well through the links provided below. They will take you straight to the item on Amazon. (Read my Amazon Affiliate disclosure here.)

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