This Man Will Give You The Blues: C.W. Stoneking

C.W. Stoneking   Christopher William (C.W.) Stoneking is my new favorite musician of all time today,  and I’m sharing him with you. (You’re welcome...that is, if you too are a lover of The Blues.)  I just recently discovered him and can't believe I haven't heard of him until now, because he's been making [...]

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A Few Thoughts from an Art School Alumnus

I received my BFA in Painting and Printmaking from VCU in Richmond, Va. in 1992 and my MIS degree from VCU in 2008. Virginia Commonwealth University is rated as the #1 Graduate School for Sculpture in the US and #2 in the country for Fine Arts in general (according to US News & World Report. [...]

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Fun Furniture Makeovers Using Fabric

There's nothing more fun than taking a beautiful or fun fabric and using it on an old piece of furniture giving it new life. (Ok, so maybe sitting on said furniture eating bon bons while watching Game of Thrones is a little more fun..just saying.)  While furniture makeovers are all the rage now with chalk paint [...]

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Industrial Chic Done Cheap-Where to Find the Deals!

First of all, what is Industrial Chic? Industrial Chic is a design style that is rooted in industrial and factory-like functionality. Think gears, weathered wood, pieces of machinery, exposed brick, concrete countertops...that sort of thing. It's been popular for a while now,  and you can find almost every retailer selling it, from [...]

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    I went to Art School in the late 80's so that I could fine tune my inherent talent and become a successful artist, (insert audience-recorded laughter.) My intention was to graduate, maybe get my MFA if I felt I needed it, move to New York City and rake in the millions selling my [...]

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Maker of Beautiful Things: Mona Zibellini

    As you may know by now I have a passion for beautiful things. One of the beautiful things I love is jewelry. Oh, how I love it...big, opulent, sparkly, over-the-top and original! I don't like wearing something that everyone else has in their jewelry box. So I did some digging online, googling this and [...]

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