Steady Craftin’ with My Friend, The Crafsman

Steady Craftin’ with My Friend, The Crafsman

I have a new man in my life! Want to hear about him???

Ok, ok, it’s not what you’re thinking. I am still happily married to the hubs. However, I do have a new DIY man to tell you about:

The Crafsman!

Click on the image to purchase a Steady Craftin Trucker Hat!

The Crafsman is a Youtuber/DIY’er and all-around nice guy who I discovered while perusing one of my favorite Image/Graphics sites: The Graphics Fairy (click here to see the article that featured him); and now I can’t get enough of his videos! He did this awesome tutorial (below) on transferring an image to wood, and made it look so easy.  He’s teaching you the basics, but once you see his process below,  you’ll want to transfer an image onto everything you own! (I’ve already started doing that.)

First of all, here’s his YouTube page, The CrafsMan SteadyCraftin. In less than two years, he’s gotten over 4500 subscribers and close to 300,000 views on his channel!  As a craftsy gal myself, I saw one of his first videos and I was hooked by his easygoing voice, knowledge of various mediums, and his passion for all things arts and crafts. I had the pleasure of “meeting” The Crafsman online and asked him some questions about himself, his work and what he likes to do.

He lives in south Mississippi, not far from the Gulf Coast. He started out online as “TheCrafsMan” (although he says he probably could have thought of a better name…lol) but as the YouTube videos got more views, he decided it might be best to just go by that online name. “Maybe I’m a little paranoid. Ha! …you never know who all will see your stuff, and I would rather people be entertained by my character.” “Entertained” is a good word…but it’s more than that. He has this very cool southern accent that makes you feel like you’re listening to a friend deliver these tutorials; very easy-going and he’s so knowledgable of what he teaches. I will have to admit, when I play Crafsman videos on our family room tv, my husband and kids (who all know Crafsman by now) and I…we all start talking in The Crafsman signature voice! (Note to TCM: that is a high compliment because we LOVE your voice!)
He said he knew of some transfer techniques from other videos and websites, but tried the Acrylic Polyurethane method on his own, just to see if it would work and was surprised when he got better results than he had with other gel mediums. (I tried the Poly technique myself, but didn’t have as good a result, but I think that’s because I did the transfer on raw canvas and it just didn’t turn out.  I’ll be trying again on wood, for sure!) I asked The Crafsman if this is his profession, and he said that he does woodworking for a living and is mostly self-taught. He enjoys all the crafts that he’s demonstrated, but he says that what he likes the most is copper etching, because you end up with something that can be as intricate as you want (or as intricate as your design is) and it ends up in metal, which is very durable. “You can also do different things with the patina, and it takes on its own characteristics as it ages,” he stated. Here is his video tutorial on Copper Etching.

You will notice after watching a few Crafsman videos, that he does not appear on camera. In his first video, he has on gloves and uses a puppet, just trying to be a little silly. He had no idea so many people would watch that first video; he only expected a handful, but it has several thousand views now. He said “That may be small by YouTube standards, but it’s a lot by CrafsMan standards.” Gotta love this guy! He said he may bring the puppet back to future videos, so keep an eye out. What started this was that simple discovery of Acrylic Poly as a great transfer medium. He thought “Wow! I can’t believe this works. I bet other people would be excited to know this!” …and he uploaded that first video.

He has an Etsy store, Steadycraftin, which now has his “Hand Bent by the Crafsman” Spoon Rings in all sizes! Here are just a few examples. You can buy them from his store by clicking on the image, taking you straight to its page.

by The Crafsman

by The Crafsman

by The Crafsman

I would also encourage you to like and follow his Facebook page here and also check out his blog, The Crafs Man Show, here.

I will admit, watching The Crafsman videos absolutely influenced my going out and buying a laser jet printer.  (I had an inkjet printer, but laser copies are required for doing this particular type of transfer, and in my opinion yields better results than inkjet transfers.) I am personally using this transfer technique on furniture and all kinds of home decor items. There are many other videos The Crafsman has put out, so please check them out and subscribe to his YouTube channel, that way you are notified whenever he puts out a new one.

I hope this introduction to my friend, The Crafsman has been informative and you learn some things from him and get some inspiration as well. In his famous words I’ll bid you adieu: “Keep steady craftin’!”

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  1. rk October 3, 2017 at 1:16 pm - Reply

    Thank you so much for introducing Craftman! I checked out his site, he has amazing tutorials.

    • So Very Merry October 3, 2017 at 3:01 pm - Reply

      I’m glad you like him. He does great tutorials….and has the smoothest voice! Lol

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