Dresser Mirror Upcycled to Art

Dresser Mirror Upcycled to Art

Hello friends! I have had these dresser mirrors I found at Goodwill for $5 each. As soon as I saw them I knew they would be good for something.  I know I’m not the only one who sees something seemingly useless and automatically sees some kind of future purpose. That’s what we have in common! Anyway, here is what I saw on their sidewalk sale.

Can you believe these were $5 each? Yes, I bought every one!

Honestly the mirrors sat in my studio for many months until it hit me: decoupage a huge image on here. Now, what image? So I remembered that I had previously worked on a large assemblage which involved pasting together dozens and dozens of tiled high resolution images that I had printed out, to complete a large scale copy of an old engraving of the city of Rome. (We spent our honeymoon in Rome so this is a very special place for me.) It ended up being around 8’x3′ or so.  It was so long ago that I did that project that you can see my former kitty “Boogie” who wanted to help with the piece. (R.I.P. my old friend.)

Layout of assemblage

Setting up the layout for this monster.

Starting to piece it together (not as easy as it looks!)

No big deal, Boogie. Just walk right across that taking your liberties.

This has been rolled up in the studio sitting right across from my primed dresser mirrorless frame, just waiting for me to make the connection. Once I held it up and centered the main area, the height fit almost perfectly! I simply cut off the left and right ends. The rest was just a not-so-fun job of decoupaging the huge assemblage to the backing. I used close to a third of a big jar of Modge Podge and my handy dandy Sheetz card to smooth everything out. (Yes, using Modge Podge makes me feel like I’m in Vacation Bible School every time.)

I just love the beautiful details on this frame.

Mirrorless Frame

This one came with no mirror so it was an easy pick for my frame.

This is just holding it up to the frame to see that the height was actually perfect!

Decoupaged Image of Rome

All glued down!

Here we are before, during, and after painting the frame. I knew I wanted a fancy, schmancy look with some gilding, but it needed to be darkened so the image could pop. I mixed a few colors to achieve a charcoal look and then added Rustoleum’s Metallic Champagne as accents and it just came together!

Painted Mirror Frame

Painted a nice charcoal to contrast the image.

Gilded Frame

Brightened up all that black with some champagne paint! Ooh la la.

Now to find a place to hang this, that will be the fun part! So tell me what you think of my upcycled dresser mirror-turned-art frame; I’d eager to hear your opinions.  Til next time my friend.

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