New Work from the Studio

New Work from the Studio

I’m trying to get better about documenting my work. I’ve been so busy lately that I’ll make a piece and sell it, and forget to take pictures. This time I actually did just that. This piece is a Goodwill find that was really beat up and hit (probably literally) with the ugly stick. I think it was a half off sidewalk sale that GW was having, so I probably paid about $3 for the table. It is solid wood though, and very heavy for a side table.

Here is the before pic:

I found this beautiful painting by French painter Jules-Cyrille Cave’ (1859-1940) called “Martyr in the Catacombs.” I love the use of light and dark in the painting and wanted to focus on the left portion. I cropped it to a square since that was the shape of my table and I wanted to do something pretty graphic. Here is the entire Cave’ piece before I cropped it.

I then did an image transfer onto the table after having primed the top. While the transfer was drying I then painted and sealed the base of the table in FolkArt’s “Nautical,” a really lovely shade of navy. The next day I removed the paper from the transfer and unfortunately it took off a lot  of the image: not a good transfer. I think the gel medium I used was way too thick. Next time I’ll stick to my Modge Podge. Anyway, that meant I was going to have to paint over the whole thing to bring it to life. Here’s what the transfer looked like at first, and then the progression as I painted over it.

(Click on image to enlarge.)

And finally…..she’s done! Tied the table base color to the painting by giving it a blue border, and then painted the edges a soft ivory, pulling out some of the flower colors. Then finally sealed it with Krylon Crystal Clear (on the image) and the rest I sealed with Valspar Clear Protector (that stuff is awesome!)

Here is the finished product; I hope you like my interpretation of “Martyr in the Catacombs.” Now she’s off to the shop for someone to buy hopefully!

UPDATE: SOLD!!! Thank you for your support.

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