Sewing Project, Tina Givens Style!

Sewing Project, Tina Givens Style!


I have decided lately that I would start making my own clothes again. There are several reasons but here are a few: I have gained a ton of weight in the past two years and nothing seems to fit me anymore. I have yoyo-ed  back and forth but can’t seems to lose The Bulbosity…(you have to say “Bulbosity” really slowly to get the effect.)

Reason #2 I want to make some new clothes: it is really hard to find unique-looking clothes in my town.   As a realtor I have to look professional for my career, and I do have a wardrobe for that look, but that’s not really me, if you know what I mean.

So having scoured the interwebs for new and different things to wear, I  have discovered a wonderful designer, Tina Givens, whose patterns are easy to make and look especially comfy…kind of a Mori (Japanese for “forest”…so Forest-girl) style of clothing. Lots of linens, and loose-fitting smock-like dresses with lots of layers. Check out and see her amazing designs. Right now I’m working on a piece called the Abacorn Tunic and can’t wait to wear it!

Abacorn Tunic by Tina Givens; Photo by Tina Givens

Abacorn Tunic by Tina Givens; Photo by Tina Givens

I will post pics when I finish working on this but I’ve decided to use a dark gray suede-like fabric for the Abacorn Tunic. I found the fabric at Hancock Fabrics in the sale section. It was originally $9.99/yr, marked down 90% off so $1/yd!  I LOVE a good deal on fabric.  Can’t wait to show you the finished product!

Tina’s website offers a club membership (pay an annual fee of $32.94 and get 40% off patterns) as well as some free patterns to download. I subscribe to her newsletter and she often has sales on many beautiful patterns.

Update: Looks like Hancock Fabrics is being purchased by Michael’s! Their Facebook page was the only website available at the moment. Oh well…I buy lots of fabric online too, but will miss getting those bargain remnants!


I hope you liked my little snippet on Tina Givens. There are lots of things about her on Pinterest if you take a look. Tina Givens Pinterest Search


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