A Table To Make Them Say “Amen!”

A Table To Make Them Say “Amen!”

This is a quick post to say hello and give you a peak at this week’s furniture project. I just call it “The Holy Table,” because Mary and Jesus. I found the image on a Holy card, and although I’m not Catholic, I adore the image of the Virgin Mother and Child. There is something about the timeless reverence we all share for it in Art as well as in the Church itself. Here is the actual image with which I started. I used PicMonkey to make the shape cutout like I wanted, then reversed the image and then tile-printed it for transfer.

Holy Card

Holy Card via Pinterest

Here are a few progress pics. As you can see, I always remember to take a “Before” pic at about 2 seconds into Priming.

Priming the Holy Table

This is just a process shot…I knew I wanted a soft look but not just simply grey. In these pics you can see I was painting into the image transfer since (you can see on the right side) some of the transfer did not take. This was probably due to not enough medium (I used Modge Podge for medium.) Sometimes when transferring a tile print, you can work too fast and some areas just don’t get hit uniformly…case in point:

Painting Image Transfer

Painting into Image Transfer

Here are a few shots of the finished product…I was playing with different staging ideas so that’s why the plethora of the one position again and again.

Holy Table Holy Table
Holy Table
Table Detail

I would really love to hear your comments on this one and see what you think. Thanks for taking a look, and until next time, my friend!

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